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Samara is located on the south-eastern side of European Russia close to Volga and Samara Rivers on the east bank of the Volga. It is a sixth largest city of Russia, the centre of the Volga economic region.

Samara is a multiconfessional city with different religions and a major economic, transport, scientific, educational, and cultural centre of the country.

Samara food industry is famous for its chocolate, vodka Rodnik, and Zhiguli beer and it is on top of wheat production in Russia. Samara is a major transport hub in Russia, which is the easiest way to connect Europe with Siberia, Central Asia, and Kazakhstan.

There are innumerable historic sites in Samara which make the city exquisite from an architectural perspective. Samara has a lot of historical monuments and memorials as well as monuments dedicated to technological advances.

The longest… largest…highest… Samara…

One of the major attraction of the city and the longest in Russia is the Samara Embankment.
A very famous and largest Square of Europe in the Samara is Kuibyshev Square.
Samara’s railway station building is the highest railway station building in Europe.


Top sights in Samara

• Samarskaya Luka National Park
• Naberezhnaya
• Samara Zoological Park
• Glory square
• Samara Kosmicheskaya

The infrastructure of Samara tourism is well developed; there are more than 100 of hotels with good services. The Kurumoch International Airport operates flights throughout Russia and Central Asia and to Frankfurt, Prague, Helsinki and Dubai.
Click here for Hotel Bookings and Flights to Samara; feel free to contact VEGA!

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Matches Stadiums

Six Matches of the World Cup 2018 Played at the Cosmos Arena

Match 10 17 June 2018 16:00 SAMT (UTC+4) Costa Rica vs Serbia Group E Cosmos Arena, Samara
Match 22 21 June 201816:00 SAMT (UTC+4) Denmark vs Australia Group C Cosmos Arena, Samara
Match 33 25 June 2018 18:00 SAMT (UTC+4) Uruguay vs Russia Group A Cosmos Arena, Samara
Match 48 28 June 2018 18:00 SAMT (UTC+4) Senegal vs Colombia Group H Cosmos Arena, Samara
Match 53 2 July 2018 18:00 SAMT (UTC+4) Winners Group E vs Runners-up Group F Round of 16 Cosmos Arena, Samara
Match 60 7 July 2018 18:00 SAMT (UTC+4) Winners Match 55 vs Winners Match 56 Quarter-finals Cosmos Arena, Samara


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