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An Efficient Way To Get Your Canada Visa

Canada is a very popular travel destination for tourists and business people from all over the world. There are a few vibrant eco-systems in this North American nation with its northern parts touching the Arctic Circle. The world’s largest waterfall in the world, the Niagara Falls, alone attracts millions of travellers throughout the year. In addition, the country is home to a number of wild reserves and expansive national parks. However, before you can start packing and fly to this beautiful country, you need to have a Canada visa. The most efficient way to get the Canada visa is to work with a Visa assistance service provider. This is because it offers some specific benefits:




Typically, a Canada visa consultant at Vega will have the expertise and experience to guide you in the right direction when trying to obtain a visa to visit the country. An accredited Canada visa agency would have helped many people from around the world to visit the North American country.

Canada visa assistance services often offer complete visa solutions irrespective of the type of visa you want to apply for. Their experience in the field enables them to make the whole process not only easier but also simpler for you.

You will be able to save a great deal of time when you work with a Canada visa consultant. This is because the consultant will have the experience to handle the application process efficiently. You can use the significant amount of time you save this way for refining your travel plans.

An accredited Canada visa agency works with complete transparency. The service provider ensures that their staff members work with transparency by updating you at each and every step of the Canada visa application process. This way you can be sure that you will get to know the status of the application process in real-time.

Filling in the application form and arranging the documents properly are critical activities. An experienced consultant will provide you with the best guidance to complete the process in an efficient manner.

Types of Canada Visas

The type of visa to be applied for is decided on the basis of the purpose of visiting the country. They include the following:

Tourist or visitor visa is granted by Border Services Officer at the port of entry. The officer will also specify the date on which you should leave the country.




Student visa program – Will allow students local as well as expats for their higher studies in various universities in Canada. Those who complete 15 years of education in total are eligible for this category visa.

How to Apply for Canada Visa

The thought ‘how to get Canada visa’ might cause some apprehension for first timers and senior citizens. Canada visa agents can extend help to simplify the process as follows:

Step 1: Help you fill in the online forms correctly and take a print.

Step 2: Help you assemble your passport and other essential documents that are required depending on the type of visa you are applying for.

Step 3: Help you pay the fee applicable as per the instructions on the Canadian Visa Office website

Step 4: After paying the fee, the consultant will help you submit the application form and all other related documents at the nearest Canada Visa Application Centre. You can pay the fee in cash at the time of submitting the application form in person if you choose to do so. The Canada Visa Application Centre will give you a receipt when you submit the application form. The receipt will have a number to help you track the status and progress of your application.

Step 5: You will receive a notification once the visa application is processed. In the normal course, the visa is processed in about 30 – 45 days. You will be notified even if your application is not accepted. You can always rectify the reason for rejection and submit the application once again. If the visa application is accepted, you can collect your passport and visa counterfoil. Or else, they will be mailed to you.



If you are planning to visit Canada, Vega4Visa can help you with the process involved and make it a hassle-free affair for you. The high-performance travel concierge company with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE, is a professionally managed company and it has pioneered visa concierge services. Vega offers its services to both corporate and individual travellers.